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For information regarding BLM's 2023/2024 Solar Programmatic EIS, visit the BLM National NEPA Register.
  2012 Solar Energy Development Programmatic EIS  
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Frequently Asked Questions

Scoping Comments

View public scoping comment documents for the Solar PEIS.

Public comments received during the original scoping period (May 29, 2008, through July 15, 2008), including individual letters, comments received electronically, and oral comments presented at scoping meetings, can be viewed on this Web page. In the table below, select a comment number link (at right) to view the corresponding comment document.

Please note that because some comment documents were submitted on behalf of multiple organizations, the comment may be listed more than once. Also, comment documents submitted via the Web are prefaced with the comment receipt; the actual comment document begins after the receipt.

For oral comments presented at public scoping meetings, the name and organization (if applicable) of the commenter is displayed in the table, and the comment number will link to a PDF file of the meeting transcript. After opening a transcript, your PDF viewer's search tool may be used to locate the commenter's name/organization within the transcript. Scoping meeting transcripts are also available on the Solar PEIS Scoping Documents page.

Many scoping comments on the Solar Energy Development PEIS were submitted via form letter. Comments submitted via form letter are available separately. Comments submitted after the closing of the scoping comment period are also available separately.

Showing 876 records
CA Johnson View 00001
CA {individual} Balvan View 00002
CA Quadstate Local Governments Authority Hillier View 00003
AZ {individual} McCay View 00004
CA U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, CA/NV Thome View 00005
CA U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, CA/NV Campbell View 00006
CA Off-Road Business Assc., Inc Grossglass View 00007
NV Sierra Club, Great Basin Group von Seggern View 00008
AZ {individual} Begalke View 00009
AZ {individual} {anonymous} View 00010
AZ Tucson Cactus & Succulent Society, Inc. {anonymous} View 00011
CA North County Watch Harvey View 00012
CA {individual} Sorenson View 00013
CA {individual} Cox View 00014
AZ {individual} Warren View 00015
VA USGS Johnson View 00016
CA {individual} Orr View 00017
AZ Arizona Dept. of Water Resources Guenther View 00018
CA Indian Wells Valley Coop. Water Mgmt. Zdeba View 00019
CA {individual} Reilly View 00020
NV Clark County Dept. of Aviation Walker View 00021
CA California Public Utilities Commission Gallagher View 00022
CO Wilderness Society Culver View 00023
?? Wilderness Society Multiple Signatories View 00024
DC Defenders of Wildlife Multiple Signatories View 00025
AZ Arizona Game & Fish Department Canaca View 00026
CA Southern California Edison Mascolo View 00027
NV Great Basin Resource Watch Hadder View 00028
CA San Luis Obispo County, Dept. of Planning Carroll View 00029
CA California Dept. of Fish & Game Flint View 00030
CO San Luis Valley Ecosystem Council Canaly View 00031
CO San Luis Valley Water Protection Coal. Smith View 00031
CA California Wind Energy Assc. Rader View 00032
CA Citizens for the Chuckwalla Valley Charpied View 00033
CA Protect Our Comunities Fund Trafecanty View 00034
CA AMA District 38 Niemela View 00035
CA Desert Protection Council, Imperial County Weiner View 00036
CA Ctr for Community Action & Envtl. Justice Charpied View 00037
CA {individual} Lucas View 00038
CA {individual} Wallen View 00039
CA {individual} Tisdale View 00040
CA Stirling Energy Schott View 00041
CA California Native American Heritage Comm. Singleton View 00042
CA {individual} O'Shea View 00043
CA {individual} Lee View 00044
CA Imperial County, District 2 Grogan View 00045
CA {individual} Strobridge View 00046
CA {individual} Barbour View 00047
CA {individual} Bell View 00048
CA {individual} Ruskovich View 00049
CA North County Watch Harvey View 00050
CA {individual} Cooper View 00051
CA {individual} Groot View 00052
CA {individual} Strobridge View 00053
NM {individual} Berg View 00054
NM New Mexico State Representative McCoy View 00055
NM Turquoise Trail Preservation Trust Berg View 00056
NM Renewable Energy Industries Assc. Armijo-Caster View 00057
NM {individual} Kuenstler View 00058
UT Wasatch Clean Air Coalition Van Dame View 00059
UT Ctr for Energy Efficiency Renewable Tech. Weiner View 00060
AZ ETA Engineering Garrett View 00061
AZ {individual} McGuirk View 00062
AZ Ausra Pickels View 00063
AZ Sonoran Institute Gorsegner View 00064
AZ Sierra Club, Grand Canyon Chapter Bahr View 00065
AZ on behalf of Congresswoman Giffords Barber View 00066
AZ Environmentally Protective Power Generation Lovato View 00067
AZ Arizona Solar Energy Assc. Harte View 00068
AZ Public Employees for Envtl. Responsibility Patterson View 00069
AZ {individual} Marcotte View 00070
AZ {individual} Tribble View 00071
AZ Defenders of Wildlife Sargent View 00072
AZ Sierra Club Sullivan View 00073
AZ {individual} Stevens View 00074
AZ {individual} Hess View 00075
AZ {individual} Dunay View 00076
AZ {individual} Magruder View 00077
AZ {individual} Downing View 00078
AZ Copernicus Energy Richards View 00079
AZ {individual} Landis View 00080
AZ {individual} Warren View 00081
AZ {individual} Schwartchild View 00082
CA California Wilderness Coalition Argandona View 00083
CA enXco Owen View 00084
CA {individual} Hayes View 00085
CA Lucerne Valley Economic Dev. Assc. Bell View 00086
CA Indian Wells Valley Water District Corlett View 00087
CA Indian Wells Valley Water District Mulvihill View 00088
CA Aquasytems Solar Electric Panchev View 00089
CA {individual} Greenshields View 00090
CA {individual} Malone View 00091
CA Armagosa Conservancy Tripp-Massie View 00092
CA County of San Bernardino Mitzelfelt View 00093
CA Sempra Generation Rowley View 00094
NV Nye County Board of Commiss. Eastley View 00095
NV Ausra Kiernan View 00096
NV Solar Millennium, LLC Gold View 00097
NV Red Rock Audubon Society Hiatt View 00098
NV Acciona Solar Power Page View 00099
NV Arrow Dev. Corporation Wechsler View 00100
NV Western Resource Advocates, NV Office Benjamin View 00101
NV {individual} Goedhart View 00102
CA Optisolar Hoffman View 00103
CA enXco Owen View 00104
CA Alliance for Responsible Energy Policy Harvey View 00105
CA Ausra Gordon View 00106
CA Alliance for Responsible Energy Policy McFarlane View 00107
CA Solel Wallach View 00108
CA Solar Millennium, LLC Gold View 00109
CA Defenders of Wildlife Albers View 00110
CA {individual} Trafeconty View 00111
CA Alliance for Responsible Energy Policy Gorry View 00112
CA Alliance for Responsible Energy Policy Viola View 00113
CA Solar Millennium, LLC Eichhammer View 00114
CA San Bernardino Valley Audubon Society Goodward View 00115
CA {individual} Humboldt View 00116
CA Mojave Desert Land Trust Flanagan View 00117
CA {individual} Katz View 00118
CA {individual} Nicholson View 00119
CA California Energy Commission Johnson View 00120
CA Nature Conservancy Crane View 00121
CA Desert Communities Assc. of Realtors Simpson View 00122
CA {individual} Hatfield View 00123
CA Quadstate Local Governments Authority Hillier View 00124
CO Colorado Governor's Energy Office Wolfson View 00125
CO Ausra Aptekar View 00126
CO Wilderness Society Daue View 00127
CO Wilderness Society McGill View 00128
CO Interwest Energy Alliance Cox View 00129
CO {individual} Nichols View 00130
CO Wilderness Society Culver View 00131
CO Clear Creek Watershed Foundation Kielty View 00132
CA {individual} Reis View 00133
CA Ctr for Energy Efficiency Renewable Tech. Weiner View 00134
CA Wildlands Conservancy, The Sall View 00135
CA California Desert Coalition Sall View 00136
CA Defenders of Wildlife Skuja View 00137
CA California Energy Commission O'Brien View 00138
CA {individual} Hogan View 00139
CA California Wilderness Coalition Schoradt View 00140
CA {individual} Aringhoff View 00141
CA Sierra Club, California, Nevada, & Hawaii Zichella View 00142
CA {individual} Copley View 00143
AZ Arizona Solar Energy Assc. Harte View 00144
CA California State Lands Commission Newton View 00145
NM U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, NM Murphy View 00146
AZ Congresswoman, 8th District Giffords View 00147
MD {individual} Chastel de Boinville View 50001
FL {individual} Gasell View 50002
CA {individual} Van Bebber View 50003
CA JCOG Consulting Sutton View 50004
CA {individual} conger View 50005
NM {individual} otteni View 50006
CA {individual} Puglisi View 50007
CA {individual} Puglisi View 50008
CA {individual} Thomas View 50009
CA {individual} Giegerich View 50010
NY {individual} Riihimaki View 50011
PA {individual} Reed View 50012
CA Ecosystem Solar Electric Corp. Panchev View 50013
CA {individual} Williams View 50014
CA {individual} Malone View 50015
CA {individual} LUPO View 50016
CA {individual} Kisor View 50017
CA Lucerne Valley Economic Dev. Assoc. Bell View 50018
NV {individual} Emmerich View 50019
NV {individual} Cunningham View 50020
CA Indian Wells Valley Water District Mulvihill View 50021
CA {individual} Ross View 50022
?? Ctr for Energy Efficiency Renewable Tech. {anonymous} View 50023
CA Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker LLP Weiner View 50023
NV {individual} {anonymous} View 50024
NV Directed Solutions Kuver View 50025
CA {individual} Lansville View 50026
CA {individual} Hayes View 50027
CA Air Force Western Regional Environmental Office Munsterman View 50028
AZ {individual} Finefrock View 50029
AZ SolarMission technologies, Inc Davey View 50030
CA Society for Protection & Care of Wildlife Brashear View 50031
NV U.S. Dept. of Energy Summerson View 50032
AZ {individual} Collins View 50033
UT {individual} Clark View 50034
UT {individual} Kendall View 50035
NV {individual} Deacon View 50036
UT {individual} Lofft, MBA View 50037
UT {individual} Syroid View 50038
CO {individual} Nichols View 50039
UT {individual} Smith View 50040
NM {individual} roethel View 50041
?? {individual} Popham View 50042
WA {individual} {anonymous} View 50043
WA {individual} Magnuson View 50044
NM {individual} Fowler View 50045
OR {individual} MAinwaring View 50046
WA {individual} Little View 50047
GA {individual} Welch View 50048
KS {individual} Jordan View 50049
?? {individual} {anonymous} View 50050
?? {individual} Richards View 50051
DC Old Spanish Trail Assc. Davidson View 50052
?? Old Spanish Trail Association Knudson View 50052
CA {individual} Jensen View 50053
CA {individual} Jensen View 50054
AZ {individual} {anonymous} View 50055
NM {individual} Nickel View 50056
TX {individual} {anonymous} View 50057
?? {individual} Prothro View 50058
PA {individual} Igo View 50059
?? {individual} cracchiola View 50060
NJ {individual} {anonymous} View 50061
CA {individual} Blackburn View 50062
CA {individual} {anonymous} View 50063
CA {individual} Bond View 50064
CA {individual} {anonymous} View 50065
CA {individual} Close View 50066
VA {individual} {anonymous} View 50067
AZ {individual} Tabot Tietjen View 50068
VT {individual} cross View 50069
CA {individual} Chang View 50070
WA {individual} Schmidt View 50071
?? {individual} {anonymous} View 50072
?? {individual} {anonymous} View 50073
CO {individual} Sites View 50074
FL {individual} Singh View 50075
WI {individual} wolter View 50076
AL {individual} Machala View 50077
TX {individual} Roberts View 50078
CO {individual} Wells View 50079
WI {individual} Vincent II View 50080
GA {individual} Woodall View 50081
NJ {individual} Kianka View 50082
TX {individual} Scott View 50083
FL {individual} Johnson View 50084
CA {individual} Taylor View 50085
NY {individual} Sattler View 50086
CA {individual} demos View 50087
CO {individual} Orkow View 50088
?? {individual} {anonymous} View 50089
IL {individual} {anonymous} View 50090
CO {individual} Washburn View 50091
CA {individual} Daniels View 50092
CO {individual} Cornforth View 50093
?? {individual} {anonymous} View 50094
MA Shadowgraph Press Summers View 50095
WA {individual} Greene View 50096
PA {individual} Clanton View 50097
AL {individual} bailey View 50098
IL {individual} Pestell View 50100
NY {individual} {anonymous} View 50101
AZ {individual} Anderson View 50102
NC {individual} Bixby View 50103
CA {individual} Antel View 50104
CA {individual} {anonymous} View 50105
TX {individual} Hammer View 50106
?? {individual} Hohman View 50107
CA {individual} Keller View 50108
?? {individual} Lavin View 50109
CA {individual} Kroll View 50110
NV {individual} Mayhew View 50111
OR {individual} magnuson View 50112
?? {individual} {anonymous} View 50113
?? {individual} Brown View 50114
NM {individual} Harris View 50115
AZ {individual} Camacho View 50116
NV {individual} {anonymous} View 50117
WA {individual} Fowler View 50118
?? {individual} {anonymous} View 50119
FL {individual} CURTO View 50120
CA {individual} Berggren View 50121
NM {individual} {anonymous} View 50122
CO {individual} Mangold View 50123
CA {individual} Foxworthy View 50124
CA {individual} Berggren View 50125
UT {individual} Roberts View 50126
CO Aspenworks, Ltd Huppenthal View 50127
CT {individual} Stevens View 50128
FL {individual} Burch View 50129
CA {individual} Berggren View 50130
VT {individual} Gallivan View 50131
NM {individual} {anonymous} View 50132
ID Western Watersheds Project fite View 50133
AZ {individual} Hawkins View 50134
CO U.S. EPA, Region 8 Hanley View 50135
CA {individual} {anonymous} View 50136
UT {individual} Heintz View 50137
CA {individual} {anonymous} View 50138
CA {individual} Stark View 50139
NV {individual} Cooney View 50140
AZ {individual} Hurbon View 50141
CO {individual} Vieira View 50142
IL {individual} Wagner View 50143
NM {individual} LeBaigue View 50144
NY {individual} kuntz View 50145
AZ {individual} Finefrock View 50146
UT {individual} Jackson View 50147
CA {individual} Dunivant View 50148
CA {individual} Malone View 50149
NM {individual} Otteni View 50150
GA {individual} ferguson View 50151
AZ Cochise County Planning Dept. Montana View 50152
CA California Dept. of Parks & Rec.-OHMVR Cumber View 50153
AZ {individual} Roetto View 50154
NV {individual} mcneish View 50155
ID Clearwater Pickup & Delivery Wiese View 50156
FL {individual} parsons View 50158
CO Colorado Division of Wildlife {anonymous} View 50159
CO Colorado Division of Wildlife {anonymous} View 50159
NV Motorcycle Racing Assoc. of NV Livreri View 50160
NV {individual} dion View 50161
CA Morongo Basin Conservation Assc. Fick View 50162
NV {individual} Kimball View 50163
NV {individual} Jones View 50164
NV {individual} FULLMER View 50165
NV {individual} Trefiletti View 50166
NV {individual} {anonymous} View 50167
?? {individual} {anonymous} View 50168
NV {individual} holt View 50169
NV {individual} Hansen View 50170
NV {individual} McDaniel View 50171
NV {individual} gabbert View 50172
NV {individual} Muschaweck View 50173
NV {individual} Livreri View 50174
NV {individual} roe View 50175
NV {individual} {anonymous} View 50176
NV {individual} Claunch View 50177
TX {individual} gilpatrick View 50178
NV {individual} Sandoval View 50179
?? {individual} parker View 50180
?? {individual} wallis View 50181
NV {individual} hunter View 50182
NV {individual} Church View 50183
NV {individual} Gilman View 50184
NV {individual} Francis View 50185
NV {individual} Bymoen View 50186
NV {individual} Murphy View 50187
NV {individual} ALFORD View 50188
NV {individual} {anonymous} View 50189
NV {individual} Douglas View 50190
TN {individual} DuBose View 50191
NV {individual} Collins View 50192
NV {individual} couturier View 50193
NV {individual} morgan View 50194
NV {individual} Erwin View 50195
NV {individual} harper View 50196
NV {individual} Burdick View 50197
NV {individual} hand View 50198
NV {individual} Delgadillo View 50199
NV {individual} Truelock View 50200
CA {individual} Johnson View 50201
?? {individual} Sloan View 50202
?? {individual} Schwaia View 50203
NV {individual} Lundy View 50204
NV {individual} Hertberg View 50205
NV {individual} DUNN View 50206
CA {individual} Godde View 50207
NV {individual} {anonymous} View 50208
CA {individual} Richards View 50209
CA {individual} Dormack View 50210
CA {individual} nolan View 50211
CA {individual} {anonymous} View 50212
AZ {individual} Doherty View 50213
NV {individual} Davies View 50214
CA {individual} Johnson View 50215
NV {individual} GEIGER View 50216
NV {individual} Bruner View 50217
NV {individual} Bender View 50218
CA {individual} Sanders View 50219
NV {individual} Klopack View 50220
CA {individual} peppel View 50221
NV {individual} {anonymous} View 50222
?? {individual} Faulkner View 50223
CA {individual} Cunningham View 50224
UT {individual} Spotts View 50225
NV {individual} {anonymous} View 50226
NV {individual} Fagan View 50227
CA {individual} garcia View 50228
NV {individual} daughenbaugh View 50229
NV {individual} Pellissier View 50230
NV {individual} nelson View 50231
?? {individual} Burgess View 50232
NV {individual} Pittman View 50233
AZ {individual} Laxson View 50234
CA {individual} Penhall View 50235
CA {individual} boyer View 50236
NV {individual} McManus View 50237
AZ {individual} Lindsay View 50238
CA {individual} boone View 50239
CA {individual} Krumm View 50240
CA {individual} Jonsson View 50241
NV {individual} Lautenbach View 50242
UT {individual} Stevens View 50243
NV {individual} freeman View 50244
CA {individual} Solms View 50245
NV {individual} {anonymous} View 50246
NV {individual} Payne View 50247
CA {individual} eugenio View 50248
?? {individual} MAZZIO View 50249
CA {individual} Griggs View 50250
?? {individual} James View 50251
CA {individual} rudolph View 50252
CA {individual} Albright View 50253
CA {individual} Wasser View 50254
NV {individual} {anonymous} View 50255
?? {individual} Erwin View 50256
CA {individual} Nelson View 50257
?? {individual} sohren View 50258
NV {individual} {anonymous} View 50259
NV Johnson Motorsports LLC Johnson View 50260
NV {individual} {anonymous} View 50261
CO {individual} Godfrey View 50262
OK {individual} stuever View 50263
CA {individual} Rettie View 50264
NV {individual} {anonymous} View 50265
?? {individual} {anonymous} View 50266
CA {individual} Payne View 50267
NV {individual} White View 50269
NV {individual} herman View 50270
CA {individual} Bostic View 50271
CA {individual} Bono View 50272
NV {individual} rinker View 50273
CA {individual} wagner View 50274
NV {individual} Tapert View 50275
NV {individual} Clarich View 50276
NV {individual} zeigler View 50277
CA {individual} Vaughan View 50278
NV {individual} Nuss View 50279
?? {individual} Dresselhaus View 50280
CA {individual} Krempp Jr View 50281
?? {individual} Wingerning View 50282
CA {individual} Fandrich View 50283
CA {individual} O'Keefe View 50284
CA {individual} ockert View 50285
NV {individual} Dawson View 50286
NV {individual} Fowkes View 50287
CA eesgreentech Aziz View 50288
AZ {individual} Roglin View 50289
AZ {individual} Dixon View 50290
NV {individual} Kline View 50291
CA {individual} green View 50292
NV {individual} Glimp View 50293
?? Saguache Co. Board of County Commiss. Joseph View 50294
CO Saguache Co. Board of County Commiss. Pace View 50294
?? Saguache Co. Board of County Commiss. Spearman View 50294
?? {individual} clay View 50295
NV {individual} Briley View 50296
AZ Friends of Saddle Mountain Roetto View 50297
?? {individual} {anonymous} View 50298
NV {individual} Bowman View 50299
NV {individual} headlee View 50300
AZ {individual} Farris View 50301
NV {individual} Nehrbass View 50302
CA {individual} mower View 50303
NV {individual} Bowman View 50304
?? {individual} Mona View 50305
NV {individual} Mace View 50306
CA {individual} Lish View 50307
AZ {individual} nolan View 50308
CA {individual} {anonymous} View 50309
NV {individual} Vaught View 50310
CA {individual} Chamlee View 50311
NV {individual} Bauer View 50312
NV {individual} Burgos View 50313
NV {individual} Kay View 50314
CA {individual} Pessa View 50315
NV {individual} Fowkes View 50316
NV {individual} laity View 50317
CA {individual} Cepielik View 50318
CA {individual} Wilkinson View 50319
CA {individual} Croll View 50320
CA {individual} Nix View 50321
?? {individual} mejia View 50322
CA North American Off Road Vanillo View 50323
CA {individual} Espinoza View 50324
CA {individual} hANBERG View 50325
CA {individual} Vanillo View 50326
CA {individual} Liby View 50327
NV {individual} Lance View 50328
CA {individual} Meyer View 50329
NV {individual} MacNab View 50330
CA {individual} Frazer View 50331
NV {individual} {anonymous} View 50332
?? {individual} Bloomsness View 50333
?? {individual} Liby View 50334
NV {individual} {anonymous} View 50335
CA Wildlands Conservancy, The Douthit View 50336
NV {individual} {anonymous} View 50337
NV {individual} Burke View 50338
NV {individual} tamura View 50339
CA {individual} Cohen View 50340
AZ {individual} ROBINSON View 50341
AZ {individual} Fantz View 50342
CA {individual} Knight View 50343
NV {individual} Thatcher View 50344
?? {individual} Taylor View 50345
CA {individual} Neth View 50346
NV {individual} Maichle View 50347
CA {individual} Anderson View 50348
NV {individual} Saye View 50349
?? {individual} Gillings View 50350
NV {individual} Wade View 50351
CA Community Envtl. Council Birney View 50352
NV {individual} Cox View 50353
?? {individual} Bonacci View 50354
CA {individual} {anonymous} View 50355
?? {individual} Manny View 50356
CA {individual} Helm View 50357
NV {individual} CLARK View 50358
UT {individual} Pruitt View 50359
NV {individual} allen View 50360
CA County of San Diego Gibson View 50361
CA {individual} Bucher View 50362
CA {individual} Bennett View 50363
?? {individual} SHAIN View 50364
NV {individual} collins View 50365
?? {individual} ingalsbee View 50366
CA {individual} dozier View 50367
CA Desert Survivors Moody View 50368
NV Best In The Desert Folks View 50369
?? {individual} Syverud View 50370
CA {individual} Dixon View 50371
NV {individual} flores View 50372
NV {individual} Ogden View 50373
CA {individual} GUSTAFSON View 50374
TN {individual} Lamberts View 50375
CA {individual} gustafson View 50376
CO {individual} Rhodes View 50377
CA {individual} Hart View 50378
CA {individual} Farrell View 50379
NV {individual} Bell View 50380
NV {individual} Bell View 50381
CA {individual} Brannen View 50384
CA {individual} Theisen View 50385
CA {individual} Cinq-Mars View 50386
?? {individual} Craft View 50387
NV {individual} kline View 50388
NV {individual} Odell View 50389
NV {individual} {anonymous} View 50390
NV {individual} Canepa View 50391
?? {individual} Patterson View 50392
NV {individual} Hutchins View 50393
?? {individual} Booth View 50394
CA {individual} Strobridge View 50395
CA {individual} Hardesty View 50396
CA {individual} Matthews View 50397
CA {individual} Valenzuela View 50398
CA {individual} Fiege View 50399
?? {individual} Patton View 50400
?? {individual} {anonymous} View 50401
AZ {individual} Danielson View 50402
AZ {individual} George View 50403
NV {individual} McQuade View 50404
NV {individual} Scriven View 50405
NV {individual} Bishop View 50406
CA {individual} ElWardani View 50407
NV {individual} Stephens View 50408
CA {individual} Norman View 50409
AZ {individual} Tribble View 50410
CA {individual} Sorensson View 50411
AZ {individual} Templeton View 50412
NV {individual} {anonymous} View 50413
CA {individual} Wilson View 50414
NV {individual} Ashley View 50415
AZ {individual} Creiglow View 50416
CA Desert Protective Council Weiner View 50417
NV {individual} Millhiser View 50418
AZ {individual} MCCALEB View 50419
AZ {individual} Foreman View 50420
NV {individual} Armstrong View 50421
CA {individual} quinn View 50422
CA {individual} Tisdale View 50423
CA KarTek offroad holt View 50424
NV {individual} moyer View 50425
CA {individual} Heuston View 50426
AZ {individual} Saway View 50427
NV {individual} Allen View 50428
CA {individual} Halstead View 50429
CA {individual} mortensen View 50430
?? {individual} Hoover View 50431
CA {individual} {anonymous} View 50432
NV {individual} Rice View 50433
?? {individual} jennings View 50434
AZ {individual} Drake View 50435
?? {individual} harrah View 50436
?? {individual} {anonymous} View 50437
CA {individual} Lang View 50438
CA {individual} Jenkins View 50439
?? {individual} {anonymous} View 50440
?? {individual} Lane View 50441
NV {individual} tolster View 50442
CA {individual} Jeffrey View 50443
NV {individual} hersh View 50444
AZ {individual} {anonymous} View 50445
CA {individual} {anonymous} View 50446
CA {individual} Watkins View 50447
TX {individual} Choquette View 50448
NV {individual} Shaffer View 50449
AZ {individual} Naughton View 50450
CA {individual} o'shell View 50451
NV {individual} Ryan View 50452
CA {individual} Short View 50454
NV {individual} Ernest View 50455
AZ {individual} {anonymous} View 50456
NV {individual} Hawley View 50457
NV {individual} fullmer View 50458
CA {individual} Simpson View 50459
NV {individual} {anonymous} View 50460
NV {individual} Brannstrom View 50461
CA {individual} Smith View 50462
AZ {individual} Broyles View 50463
NV {individual} francis View 50464
WA {individual} {anonymous} View 50465
AZ {individual} woodward View 50466
CA {individual} Zucker View 50467
CA {individual} Clark View 50468
?? {individual} Keller View 50469
?? {individual} Webster View 50470
NV {individual} Trochenski View 50471
CA {individual} Stovin View 50472
CA {individual} {anonymous} View 50473
NV {individual} Burke View 50474
CA {individual} {anonymous} View 50475
NV {individual} Popp View 50476
NV {individual} Glimp View 50477
?? National Parks Conservation Assc. {anonymous} View 50478
DC National Parks Conservation Assc. {anonymous} View 50478
CA HomePure Water Systems O'Shea View 50479
CA {individual} Line View 50480
CA Dave Turner Motorsports Turner View 50481
NV {individual} Cornwell View 50482
NV {individual} {anonymous} View 50483
AZ {individual} Plenk View 50484
CA Alliance for Responsible Energy Policy Harvey View 50485
CA {individual} King View 50486
CA {individual} Gonzalez View 50487
CA {individual} parra View 50488
NV {individual} Cox View 50489
CA {individual} {anonymous} View 50490
?? Friends of the Rubicon Johnston View 50491
CA {individual} Dixon View 50492
CA Western Watersheds Project Connor View 50493
CA {individual} Gustin View 50494
NV {individual} {anonymous} View 50495
CA {individual} Singleton View 50496
?? {individual} Walders View 50497
CA {individual} Smith View 50498
NV Sierra Pacific Resources Wynkoop View 50499
?? {individual} kepler View 50500
CA {individual} Palmer View 50501
CA {individual} Boening View 50502
AZ {individual} Davis View 50503
CA {individual} forbes View 50504
NV {individual} Lay View 50505
CA {individual} FARRELLY View 50506
?? {individual} Zindroski View 50507
CA {individual} ENDRESS View 50508
NV {individual} {anonymous} View 50509
CA {individual} Hobbs View 50511
NV {individual} {anonymous} View 50512
CA {individual} Johnson View 50513
CA {individual} Hiemstra View 50514
?? {individual} Hauber View 50515
WA {individual} Moss View 50516
?? {individual} Hauber View 50517
?? {individual} Gailey View 50518
?? {individual} Gailey View 50519
?? {individual} Hauber View 50520
CA Mojave Desert Land Trust Flanagan View 50521
?? Mojave Desert Land Trust Sall View 50521
CA {individual} Johnson View 50523
CA {individual} Liakos View 50524
MI {individual} Carr View 50525
CA {individual} {anonymous} View 50526
?? {individual} clayton View 50527
CA {individual} Snyder View 50528
BC {individual} Pook View 50529
CA {individual} flud View 50530
UT {individual} Day View 50531
NM Santa Fe County Olafson View 50532
CA {individual} ward View 50533
NV {individual} Shapiro View 50534
CA {individual} Fitzpatrick View 50535
NV {individual} {anonymous} View 50536
CA {individual} eddy View 50537
CA California Wilderness Coalition Argandona View 50538
CO San Luis Valley Ecosystem Council Canaly View 50538
AZ Grand Canyon Trust Clark View 50538
CA Sierra Club Corcoran View 50538
CO Wilderness Society Culver View 50538
CO Western Resource Advocates Darin View 50538
CO Western Environmental Law Center DiGiogio View 50538
CO Great Old Broads for Wilderness Egan View 50538
AZ Arizona Wilderness Coalition Gaither-Banchoff View 50538
CO Colorado Environmental Coalition Jones View 50538
UT Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance McIntosh View 50538
DC Defenders of Wildlife Nelson View 50538
CA Californians for Western Wilderness Painter View 50538
UT Wyoming Outdoor Council Pendery View 50538
UT Center for Water Advocacy Shepherd View 50538
UT Local Green Party of Moab Shepherd View 50538
UT Red Rocks Forest Shepherd View 50538
CO San Luis Valley Water Protection Coal. Smith View 50538
MT Friends of the Missouri Breaks Monument Tighe View 50538
NV Nevada Wilderness Project Tull View 50538
CA Natural Resources Defense Council Wald View 50538
OR Soda Mountain Wilderness Council Willis View 50538
CA {individual} {anonymous} View 50539
?? {individual} Murphy View 50540
ID Bully Dog Technologies DeFord View 50541
CA {individual} Panter View 50542
CA Severe Racing Films Tugel View 50543
CA {individual} Epps View 50544
NV {individual} DAMAS View 50545
NV {individual} warner View 50546
NV {individual} JONES View 50547
NV {individual} roe View 50548
CA Amargosa Conservancy Tripp-Massie View 50549
CA {individual} Monroy View 50550
CA {individual} Harkins View 50551
CA {individual} Pickett View 50552
CA {individual} Anderson View 50553
AZ {individual} Jaquette View 50554
NV {individual} Royer View 50555
CO National Wildlife Federation Zimmerman View 50556
NV {individual} {anonymous} View 50557
CO National Park Service Steensen View 50558
CA Center for Biological Diversity Anderson View 50559
NV {individual} {anonymous} View 50560
NV {individual} GASKILL View 50561
NV {individual} Jacobsen View 50562
NV {individual} LEE View 50563
CA {individual} Morse View 50564
NV So. Nevada Regional Trails Partnership Dodrill View 50565
NC Cogentrix Energy, LLC MacGuffie View 50566
AZ {individual} Morris View 50567
CA Desert Tortoise Preserve Committee Nicholson View 50568
NV {individual} Taylor View 50569
CA {individual} {anonymous} View 50570
NV {individual} {anonymous} View 50571
NV {individual} BUSH View 50572
CA {individual} McAllister View 50573
CA {individual} {anonymous} View 50574
VA Nature Conservancy, The Falkner View 50575
CA {individual} Powles View 50576
CA {individual} {anonymous} View 50577
CA {individual} Curtis View 50578
CO San Luis Valley Citizens Alliance Cyriacks View 50579
AZ {individual} Blunk View 50580
?? {individual} mason View 50581
CA {individual} weiland View 50582
ID {individual} Lasher View 50583
NV {individual} {anonymous} View 50584
CA {individual} Hunter View 50585
NV {individual} {anonymous} View 50586
UT {individual} Miller View 50587
CA {individual} Mercado View 50588
NV {individual} Delaney View 50589
CA Edison Mission Energy Irwin View 50590
CA Imperial County Planning & Dev. Services Heuberger View 50591
CA Imperial County Planning & Dev Serv Dept Soto View 50591
CA {individual} McFarlane View 50592
CA {individual} Everhart View 50594
NV {individual} {anonymous} View 50595
CO San Luis Valley Ecosystem Council Citizens for San Luis Valley Water View 50596
CA Conservation Biology Institute Rubin View 50597
CA {individual} {anonymous} View 50598
CA {individual} bradbury View 50599
NM {individual} Duarte View 50600
CA Protect our Communities Trafecanty View 50601
CA Protect our Communities Trafecanty View 50602
CA {individual} Bartee View 50603
NV {individual} Falter View 50604
NM New Mexico Energy, Min. & Nat. Resources Prukop View 50605
NM New Mexico Renewable Energy Trans. Auth. Szot View 50605
CA {individual} King View 50606
AZ Arizona Game and Fish Department Canaca View 50607
AZ Arizona Game & Fish Department Ritter View 50607
CA {individual} bowers View 50608
CA NextLight Renewable Power, LLC Chilson View 50609
CA NextLight Renewable Power, LLC Kunz View 50609
FL Ward View 50610
CA {individual} Flores View 50611
CA San Bernardino Co. Board of Supervisors Mitzelfelt View 50612
?? Ctr for Energy Efficiency Renewable Tech. {anonymous} View 50613
?? Large-Scale Solar Association {anonymous} View 50613
?? Solar Energy Industries Association {anonymous} View 50613
CA Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker LLP Weiner View 50613
NV {individual} Anderson View 50614
?? {individual} stroud View 50615
AZ Sonoran Institute Propst View 50617
CA {individual} West View 50618
CA {individual} Newkirk View 50619
CA Metropolitan Water District So. California Shane View 50620
AZ {individual} Watkins View 50622
CA {individual} Green View 50623
CA {individual} Cole View 50624
CA Defenders of Wildlife Delfino View 50625
NV {individual} {anonymous} View 50626
NV {individual} Martin View 50627
NM {individual} schluter View 50628
AZ {individual} {anonymous} View 50629
CA {individual} Barkwill View 50630
NV {individual} Maurer View 50631
?? {individual} {anonymous} View 50632
CA NRDC Wald View 50633
?? Sierra Club Zichella View 50633
CA Fusion Off-Road Shaleen View 50634
NM {individual} Abney View 50635
?? {individual} Parks View 50636
?? {individual} Denne' View 50638
NV {individual} holt View 50639
CA Cal. Regional Water Quality Control Board Koutsky View 50640
NV {individual} Bergstrom View 50641
CA California Public Utilities Commission Blanchard View 50642
CA California Public Utilities Commission Gallagher View 50642
CA {individual} Sall View 50643
CA {individual} Schroeder View 50644
CA {individual} Dixon View 50645
CA {individual} Barov View 50646
CA {individual} Faber View 50646
CA Pacific Gas & Electric Company Targ View 50647
?? {individual} randolph View 50648
NV {individual} Jordan View 50649
NV {individual} long View 50650
?? {individual} Shellenberger View 50651
NV {individual} Gibson View 50652
NV {individual} Collin View 50653
NV {individual} Ziegler View 50654
NV {individual} Gibson View 50655
NV {individual} Richardson View 50656
?? {individual} McDonald View 50657
CA {individual} schulz View 50658
NV {individual} Munro View 50659
NV {individual} Thomas View 50660
NV {individual} Stine View 50661
NV {individual} Ryan View 50662
CA {individual} Achey View 50663
NV {individual} Raulston View 50664
?? {individual} adams View 50665
UT Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance McIntosh View 50666
CA {individual} dozier View 50668
NV {individual} {anonymous} View 50669
CA Desert Communities Assc. of Realtors Simpson View 50670
AZ {individual} Magruder View 50671
AZ {individual} Magruder View 50672
AZ {individual} Magruder View 50673
CA {individual} {anonymous} View 50674
NV Vegas Valley 4 Wheelers MacKenzie View 50675
NV {individual} Knepp View 50676
CA {individual} Engelhard View 50677
AZ {individual} Evans View 50678
CA {individual} {anonymous} View 50679
NV {individual} Woolsey View 50680
NV Sandy Valley Motocross Stokes View 50681
CA PCI Race Radios Freiley View 50682
CA {individual} {anonymous} View 50683
?? {individual} Robinson View 50684
NV {individual} sundberg-leoni View 50685
TX {individual} noll View 50686
NV {individual} Crandall View 50687
NV {individual} Youngblood View 50688
CA National Park Service Jarvis View 50689
CA National Park Service Reynolds View 50689
CA {individual} Laiard View 50690
CA {individual} Higginbotham View 50691
AZ {individual} {anonymous} View 50692
CA {individual} Johnson View 50693
NV {individual} {anonymous} View 50694
?? {individual} Whitmore View 50695
CA {individual} Schwab View 50696
NV {individual} Staggs View 50697
DC U.S. EPA Hargrove View 50698
DC U.S. EPA Suriano View 50698
CA California Energy Commission Marks View 50699
CA California Energy Commission Phannenstiel View 50699
CA {individual} San Juan View 50700