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For information regarding BLM's 2023/2024 Solar Programmatic EIS, visit the BLM National NEPA Register.
  2012 Solar Energy Development Programmatic EIS  
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Solar PEIS Maps

Frequently Asked Questions

Solar PEIS Maps

Solar PEIS maps and spatial data are available for downloading in several formats, or for interactive online viewing.

Follow the links below to maps and supporting spatial data files used in development of the Solar PEIS. Maps and spatial data are available in Adobe Acrobat, Google Earth, and Geographic Information System (GIS) formats. Spatial data may also be viewed in the interactive Web-based Solar Energy Environmental Mapper. Available map resources, file formats, and requirements are summarized below.




Priority Development Area and Variance Area Maps
Maps showing BLM-administered lands potentially available for solar development under the PEIS alternatives, including maps of the proposed solar energy zones (SEZs).
PDF Adobe Acrobat Reader (free download)
Solar Energy Environmental Mapper Web-Based GIS Application
Interactive application for displaying and querying PEIS spatial data in your Web browser, with no large downloads. For fast, flexible access to the latest, most comprehensive data sets.
Web Site Web browser with Adobe Flash Player 10+ (free download)
Google Earth KMZ File
3-D visualization of proposed SEZs and selected protected resource areas. Links to 360° interactive photo panoramas of proposed SEZs.
KMZ KMZ-compatible software such as Google Earth, ArcGIS Explorer, or NASA Worldwind (free downloads). Large downloads may be required.
ArcReader GIS Application
Desktop application displaying key layers used in the PEIS analysis with the ability to zoom, pan, and query data. Requires large data download. For detailed PEIS analysis.
PMF, MXD, GDB ArcReader (free download) or ArcGIS Desktop. Large downloads required.
GIS Shape Files
Data files used in the Solar PEIS analyses for use in GIS software. For experienced GIS users interested in detailed PEIS analysis.
SHP GIS software capable of reading shapefiles (e.g., ArcGIS Desktop). Large downloads required.
Solar Resource Data and Maps
Access to Solar Prospector, an interactive application for displaying solar resources spatial data, and maps showing solar resources on BLM-administered lands in the six-state region.
Web Site, PDF Web browser and Adobe Acrobat Reader (free download)

Need Help? Have Questions?

If you have problems downloading these files, or have questions about the PEIS maps or mapping data, contact the Webmaster at [email protected]

Send questions, comments, or suggestions for Solar Energy Environmental Mapper to [email protected].