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For information regarding BLM's 2023/2024 Solar Programmatic EIS, visit the BLM National NEPA Register.
  2012 Solar Energy Development Programmatic EIS  
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Solar PEIS Maps

Frequently Asked Questions

Solar PEIS Google Earth KMZ File

Download Google Earth KMZ

Solar PEIS map data in Keyhole Markup Language Zipped (KMZ) format, for viewing with Google Earth or ArcGIS Explorer.

The Solar PEIS KMZ file allows 3-D visualization of proposed solar energy zones (SEZs), as presented in the Final Solar PEIS, selected protected or sensitive resource areas, and interactive photo panoramas of the proposed SEZs. The KMZ file can be used with free Google Earth, or ESRI ArcGIS Explorer software. You must have one of these software programs (or similar KMZ-compatible software such as NASA Worldwind) installed to view the KMZ file.

Who Should Use the Google Earth KMZ File and Why

The Google Earth KMZ file provides all users with access to a subset of Solar PEIS spatial data through Google Earth, or similar software, for 3-dimensional visualization of the Solar PEIS data overlaid onto the Earth’s surface. These data are especially useful for seeing the relationship of topography (e.g., hills or valleys) to environmental information, such as visual resources or geology. Users will need Google Earth or similar software to view the contents of the file. Google Earth and some other viewing packages are available as free Internet downloads, but the software downloads are large. Google Earth and similar KMZ-compatible software require an active Internet connection while in use. The data included provide a "snapshot" of data used for the Solar PEIS, and will not be updated or expanded after the Final Solar PEIS is completed.

Data File Description

Data layers in the KMZ file include proposed SEZs; resource areas, such as national parks, national monuments, national scenic and historic trails; and photo panoramas of the proposed SEZs. A listing of resource areas included in the KMZ file is available.

Download Data File

Follow these three steps to download and use the Solar PEIS KMZ file:

1. Download/Install KMZ Viewing Software

Google Earth and ArcGIS Explorer are free software programs that can be downloaded from the following Web sites:

2. Download KMZ Data File

Once you've installed KMZ viewing software, you can download (right mouse-click and "Save Target As...") the Solar PEIS KMZ file here:

GIS KMZ file Final_Solar_PEIS_SEZs.kmz (349 KB)

3. Read the Instructions for Using your KMZ Software

Consult the Web sites, help tools, or user manuals provided with your KMZ viewing software to learn how to open and use KMZ files for map viewing.

PLEASE NOTE: This KMZ file is provided for your convenience. The data may contain errors and inaccuracies. An active Internet connection is required for normal viewing of maps with Google Earth or ArcGIS Explorer software. Display problems and other errors may occur when viewing the data in this file. Photo panoramas can be large files (up to 2 MB), and may load slowly. For some users, performance may be improved by setting the viewing software to display web content in an external browser. In Google Earth, check the box for "Show web results in an external browser" under the Tools > Options > General menu.

Need Help? Have Questions?

If you experience any problem downloading these files, need assistance, or have questions about the PEIS maps or mapping data, please contact the Webmaster at [email protected]

PLEASE NOTE: This website does not provide technical support for Google Earth or ArcGIS Explorer, and questions related to installation or operation of these software programs will not be answered.