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  2012 Solar Energy Development Programmatic EIS  
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About the Solar PEIS

Frequently Asked Questions

Solar PEIS Follow-on Studies

Information on the BLM's work to pilot a regional mitigation plan is provided below. Information on piloting a long-term monitoring program to be provided as it becomes available.

Solar Regional Mitigation Strategy (SRMS): Dry Lake Solar Energy Zone Mitigation Pilot Project

Between August 2012 and April 2013 the BLM hosted several public workshops and webinars for the Dry Lake Solar Energy Zone (SEZ) SRMS. The purpose of this project was to test, refine, and demonstrate a process to develop a regional mitigation strategy for the Dry Lake SEZ in Nevada, and to use the lessons learned to develop guidance for the development of SRMSs for all the remaining SEZs.

Summary information on the Dry Lake SEZ SRMS pilot project is available on the Dry Lake Mitigation Strategy page of the BLM's Solar Energy Program website.


The Dry Lake Solar Energy Zone is located in an undeveloped rural area in Dry Lake Valley, north of Las Vegas. The zone is bounded on the west by Arrow Canyon Range and on the southeast by the Dry Lake Range.

Comments on both the Draft Solar PEIS and the Supplement to the Draft Solar PEIS showed significant public interest in working cooperatively with stakeholders to develop regional mitigation plans for solar energy zones. Comments also stressed stakeholder involvement in the development of a long-term and scientifically-based environmental monitoring and adaptive management plan for solar energy development on BLM-administered lands.

Through the Dry Lake Solar Energy Zone Mitigation Pilot Project, the BLM is testing the concepts on regional mitigation plans presented in Appendix A of the Final Solar PEIS (Volume 6, Part 1).