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  2012 Solar Energy Development Programmatic EIS  
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Frequently Asked Questions


Select a letter from the list below to view glossary terms, acronyms/abbreviations, chemicals, and units of measure.

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Valley floor
Vernal pool
Vertical angle of view
View duration
Viewer distance
Visibility factors
Visual absorption capability
Visual attention
Visual clutter
Visual contrast
Visual disharmony
Visual feature
Visual harmony
Visual impact
Visual intrusion
Visual mitigation
Visual quality
Visual Resource Inventory (VRI)
Visual Resource Inventory (VRI) Classes
Visual Resource Management (VRM) Class Designations
Visual Resource Management (VRM) Classes
Visual Resource Management (VRM) System
Visual resources
Visual sensitivity
Visual unity
Visual value
Volatile organic compound (VOC)
Volcanic ash
Volcanic chain
Volcanic cone
Volcanic vent
Volcanic-rock aquifer
Volcanoclastic rock
Voluntary relinquishment